Why does NEM facilitate Workstreams?

Workstreams create opportunities for modularization enthusiasts with similar skills but different employers to meet and cooperate as peers, and having non-competitive spaces where organizations can learn from each other by exchanging knowledge, experiences, and perspectives on modularization has proven to be tremendously valuable for everyone involved.

By facilitating Workstreams, we also aim to create results, e.g., tools and methods, which are applicable in practice and can help enable modularization across the various business models represented in our network.

Who can attend the Workstreams?

The Workstreams differ from one another in complexity and prerequisite modularization knowhow, but the overall most important participation requirements are interest, engagement, and eagerness to explore. NEM Executive membership is mandatory.

As multiple Workstreams run simultaneously, our member organizations are not restricted to one at a time but can have their network representatives participate across all ongoing initiatives.

How do the Workstreams proceed?

Generally, the Workstreams consist of sprints and regular team sessions (virtual and/or in person). Most run for 6 – 12 months, although some have no predetermined duration, and they are typically attended by participants from four to eight different members organizations.

For each Workstream, the NEM board appoints a Lead, who holds a coordinating function, and a Sponsor, who holds an advisory function.

How many Workstreams are there?

The Workstream catalogue is currently comprised by eleven titles that facilitate in-depth work with different aspects of modularization. These are carefully selected to reflect daily processes in modular organizations.

Our apporach to new Workstreams is democratic, as members can propose topics for additional titles. If a proposed topic is generally relevant, not covered in other Workstreams, and it, within a timespan of six to eight months, is backed by enough other members to organize a task group, it will come to fruition.

Who can access the Workstream results?

Most Workstream results are available online for all NEM Executive members as, for example, reports, presentations, and videos. However, details may be left out of these materials out due to confidentiality, as all confidential information from Workstreams is intended for use within the participating organizations only.

With approval from the Workstream Leads and Sponsors, we also use selected results as points of departure to increase public awareness of and spark constructive discussions about modular strategies and the many advantages they entail.

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