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In 2015, a handful of Northern European organizations joined forces to create a designated space to discuss and share their experiences on working with modular strategies. To accentuate both the initative’s geographical origin and its purpose, the group settled on the name North European Modularization Network – commonly known as NEM.

Over the years, NEM has steadily evolved from a small-scale discussion forum to an organized network with members from all over Europe and partnerships with universities and consultancies from across the globe.

Our members are diverse, as modular strategies are by no means a one-way street, and NEM represents a variety of markets and business models. Our aim is to learn from each other and use the industrial experience gained in each organization for the benefit of the entire network.

We accelerate modular strategies

From the beginning, the main objective of NEM has been to accelerate modular strategies. Thus, our network is a place where we inspire, motivate, and support one another on our individual modularization journeys. In other words, NEM is a non-competitive space. 

With more than 2000 man-years of modularization experience combined, NEM currently holds the greatest pool of modularization competence globally. We use our combined skills and expertise to facilitate agile development of initiatives that enable modularization and boost competitiveness. 

Our mission

Our mission in NEM is to inspire and motivate industrial companies in Northern Europe to explore modular strategies and their many competitive benefits. We do this by:

  • Enabling resources about modularization that support acquisition of knowledge and skills 

  • Sharing experiences and cases from our member organizations that exemplify how modular strategies can boost competitiveness, increase sustainability, and create new and efficient business models

  • Developing and distributing programs, projects, and tools that increase awareness on and help facilitate modularization in the industrial sector
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