Center for Modularization

Center for Modularization


Due to sizable untapped potential in production optimization within Danish SMEs, the main objective of the project is to gather, foster, and disseminate knowledge, skills and experiences that inspire and motivate Danish companies to further utilize modular approaches in their respective products, productions, value chains and customer relations.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To develop and increase access to a NEM approach to modularization through methodology and tools
  • To create communities wherein companies can learn from and share modularization experiences with each other
  • To collect best practices in modularization across company value chains
  • To increase access to training and development of candidates from both university and consultancy partners
  • To scale and institutionalize the existing NEM network

Who is behind the project

Center for Modularization is an ongoing project funded by Danish Industry Foundation and managed by NEM in collaboration with Confederation of Danish Industry (DI).

Target groups

The target group encompasses all Danish industrial companies, academic institutions, and consultants who share an interest in modularization and business optimization. Project activities will focus on varying needs and potentials and on promoting collaborations between SMEs and larger organizations.

Phase 1


The objective of phase 1 was to identify and analyze industry needs as well as typical barriers that prevent Danish SMEs from implementing modular strategies.

These findings were utilized to clarify relevant initiatives and create a comprehensive road map and master plan for the establishment of both a modularization information center and an expanded network of actors and stakeholders in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic region.

A 2020 feasibility study showed a significant interest in modular strategies among Danish industrial companies, as well as a demand for increased knowledge on modularization in practice.

Phase 2


Phase 2 of the project is comprised by an array of strategic initiatives:

Workshops will introduce key components and benefits of strategic modularization and offer assessments of the status quo and potential modular approaches for each participating company.

Network workstreams will group SMEs with similar traits, with the objective to develop specific best practices.

Consultant activities will deliver action plans for companies participating in CfM activities.

Partnerships between NEM and a variety of Danish and international modularization experts, universities, and business consultants enable knowledge and skills in organizational consultants.

Meetings and conferences will serve as further measures to inspire and motivate Danish companies to explore modularization.

Knowledge sharing and support will provide ongoing constructive feedback for SMEs.

Members + Partners

Our members and partners


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