Activities and resources in NEM

What we do

Our activities in NEM have two main objectives:

  1. To share cases and experiences that demonstrate how modular strategies can increase competitiveness, create new and efficient business models, and enable sustainability.

  2. To increase awareness on and access to programs, projects, and tools that facilitate modularization in the industrial sector.

Why we do it

Modularization can improve performance in markets, products, and manufacturing. With our network activities, we aim to facilitate programs, tools, and other resources that increase modularization knowhow in Nordic countries, which may boost competitive advantages and contribute to maintaining workplaces.

Activities and services in NEM

Meetings + Conferences
  • Biannual network meetings, each time hosted by a new member company, where we explore the host company’s modularization journey and catch up on NEM network activities and with each other.

  • Annual conferences, where we each time explore a new distinct aspect of modularization

Collaboration + Experience sharing
  • Workstreams with in-depth exploration of different aspects of modularization and collaboration across member companies.

  • A LinkedIn-based forum where we discuss and share resources on topics related to modularization.

Certification + Learning
  • A 14-week Modularization Certificate Program, lectured by international modularization experts, that explores various approaches to modularization and promotes cross-organizational teamwork.

  • A carefully curated library of research papers, company cases, and presentations on our website’s member section.

  • Modularization Workshops in member companies that explore further modular potentials. 

Partner network
  • Collaboration with universities with the purpose of transferring academic findings into advice, methods, and tools that can improve our members’ modularization journeys.

  • Research and execution-based projects in collaboration with universities to generate and distribute knowledge about modularization to both NEM members and the public.

Members + Partners

Our members and partners


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