North European
Modularization Network

The North European Modularization Network (NEM) was established in 2015 between a few organizations as a designated space to discuss and share experiences on modularization.
Over the years, NEM has grown into an ambitious, international network for organizations with a shared interest in exploring and facilitating modular strategies. Our members currently hold a total of more than 2000 man-years of modularization experience, which comprises the greatest pool of competence globally. In the network, we support each other on our journeys towards modular transformation and growth and aim to facilitate continuous development and dissemination of modular strategies.

Membership advantages

  • Peer-to-Peer exchange of experience through workstreams
  • Unique Modularization Certification Program for your employees
  • Modularization research from our university collaborators
  • Annual conferences and specific meetings on modularization
  • Support on your modularization journey from our consultancy collaborators
  • … And much more!
  • Workshops and managerial support in your company

What is modularization?

Modularization is a companywide strategy – a holistic approach that expands across the entire value chain and is praised for its potential to increase efficiency and competitiveness.

Modular strategies entail targeted adjustments of product ranges, manufacturing processes, and market approaches, which also impacts customer relations due to increased flexibility and thus increased possibilities of product customizations that meet varying customer needs.

Questions and answers

What is modularization?

What are the benefits of modularization?

Modular product configuration enables end-user customization

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Modular product architecture enables more commercial variants with less components

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Modular manufacturing automation enables simplification of supply chains

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What is the NEM network?
In the NEM network, we accelerate modular strategies and strive to inspire, motivate, and support one another through exchange of experience and agile development of initiatives and activities that increase competitiveness. Our member companies are diverse, as modular strategies are by no means a one-way street: We represent a variety of markets and business models, and our aim is to learn from each other and use the industrial experience gained in each company for the benefit of the entire network.

Our members

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