North European
Modularization Network

North European Modularization Network (NEM) is an ambitious international network for organizations with a shared interest in exploring and facilitating modular strategies. Our members currently hold a total of more than 2000 man-years of modularization experience, which comprises the greatest pool of competence globally. In the network, we support each other’s journeys towards modular transformation and growth and we aim to facilitate continuous development and awareness of modular strategies.

NEM membership advantages

  • Peer-to-Peer exchange of experience through workstreams
  • Unique Modularization Certification Program for your employees
  • Modularization research from our university collaborators
  • Annual conferences and specific meetings on modularization
  • Support on your modularization journey from our consultancy collaborators
  • … And much more!
  • Workshops and managerial support in your company

Why explore modularization?

Modularization is known for its great potential to increase efficiency and competitiveness. 

As a companywide strategy that expands across the entire value chain, modularization entails targeted adjustments of product ranges, manufacturing processes, and market approaches, which increase flexibility and thereby optimize product customizability. 


What is modularization?

What is the purpose of the NEM network?

In the NEM network, a passion for modularization is our common denominator and we aim to to inspire, motivate, challenge, and support each other on our individual paths towards modular transformation and growth.

What are the benefits of modularization?

There are various benefits of modularization. These include:

End-user customization made possible through modular product configuration

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The ability to create more commercial variants with less components by using modular product architecture

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Reduced supply chain complexity through strategic initiatives that increase automation.

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